Costumes For Hire @ MySciFiFan Outpost

I have a friend. He loves collectibles. He’s very much a sci-fi fan too. Today I am indebted to him for sharing some information regarding costumes for hire. Let’s keep this simple; I’m looking for a guise for a dinner coming soon. There! That’s all the info you’ll get from me till the event proper!

Anyhoo, I was directed to a little shop called MySciFiFan Outpost in Cineleisure Damansara to ask what’s available. It’s a cozy shop, typical in this kind of business. It’s probably due to the need (or ‘want’ more likely) to look like a movie set. Collectibles are on show at every nook, some are even for sale. There’s a cafe on the side and a viewing room at the back.

What I find most interesting are 3 things: 1) the memorabilia from their group outings & events, 2) their friendly staff, and 3) a collection of embroided badges framed inconspiciously next to the internet terminal. No. 1 is a collection of pictures showing die hard fans in their respective costumes and attire. I couldn’t help but to smile looking at them. It really shows what we will/can do when we are passionate about something! No. 2 is clearly directed at Lester who was kind enough to show me what was on offer. His attention was clearly to provide us with what we require. No. 3 amazed me because I never knew this community extended beyond our shores! Really, all the way to Canada and the rest of the world! And they all have their own logos as an identity, something like boy scout badges.

I do hope they have what I’m looking for… Will be waiting anxiously for Lester’s email!


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