Inspirations From The Lake House

Every once in a while you catch a good movie and it leaves a lasting impression upon you. I chanced upon The Lake House last week and I am glad I finally got to watch it till the end. I find a connection with it because of my afinity to writing. The story was a literary adaptation (from David Auburn) which retained its story line through a smart interchange between naration and live acting. I liked that. It gave the movie a unique approach especially when done between two timelines. Needless to say Alejandro Agresti’s direction suited the film.

That’s the thing about writing, be it for blogs or publishing. You have to make things interesting from your point of view and in your own individual style. Easier said than done really! I personally think I’m going to need more guidance on that matter. Especially since I found out that in order to get your work published you will need to complete your manuscript first. COMPLETE! Wow, that’s going to take me ages to do at this rate! And to think publishers are fussy about what they choose to publish. Imagine spending months if not years writing what you think is good, readable material only to have it rejected for not being marketable.

Guess that’s the challenge of being a writer.

If you’re into writing may I suggest going to and for pointers. Apparently online writing is big for budding freelance writers these days. You can actually get paid for it if you have an interesting enough subject.

Oh well, better get working on my manuscript… 🙂


10 thoughts on “Inspirations From The Lake House

  1. I watched the movie because of Keanu Reeves and it’s a great movie if you are into that genre. The house is nice!

  2. 6darjah -> Indeed, the house is a real piece of design.

    naaimzee -> what can i say? it’s utterly clear the car in question is a Mazda & Wish! i don’t understand why some people post things without thinking or researching first… and when you read some of the comments it’s all a bunch of baseless rumours. what’s really disappointing is that some people actually believe everything they read. DUH!

  3. azlano,
    i do read some forum, and there is some image said to be the proton mpv, showing front rear and a bit of interior,

    i dont know, im just gessing that its might be the one, therefore i try to come up with this, just excited ,without knowing it really by proton or not,

  4. azzlina -> i think it would be really difficult to imagine how Proton’s MPV would look like… don’t worry though, only one more year to go! 🙂

  5. azzlina ->the pics that you were refering to is not [roton MPV. I am 100% sure those pic a photoshoped Chevloret Optra5. you can google optra5 if which one is it. So now only Azlan knows exactly how it’g gonna look. I cant wait till next year…..

  6. Azlano,
    I found some clue of the interior shot might indicate it’s a proton like the inside door handle and its auto gear knob are likely from present proton, and the neat bumper design is part of proton design language,

    After I put my imagination from the puzzle, do some sketches, I found out ,really its an interestingly designed mpv.


    1st its not that a typical low slung front end , which it gives a strong presence, tougher look, the curves is really enhance its three quarter view,

    2nd, the cabin looks practical judging from the side view,

    3rd, long wheelbase will ensure comfort ride, and 3rd row passenger exit,

    4th, rear bob tail design eliminates the notion of mpv is a van, good for luggage as well. Very successful I like it,

    Overall design, its trying keep away from the stereotype of a van-ish look. And I found (from images) front and rear door suggest a discontinuous shoulder line curve is another element that break a long straight line for a quite long vehicle the mpv ,is successfully executed.
    I wish to look more, but I know it is confidential,

    Bravo azlano,


  7. haha now we ditched into proton’s mpv topic, i x want 2 be left too! hopefully no more VW nose! as to the facelifted gen.2

  8. oh my,,,
    azlano, i didnt realised that it was someone’s manipulated image of a car,
    i cant belive that i belive that although i found something out of scale (head light for example) that doubts me at first,

    marorsa, spot on.

    like azlano said, wait till next year,
    not too long from now,

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