The Uncertainty Of Life

If you’ve always been delaying that medical insurance application then may I suggest you delay no more…

The cost of medical expenditures is sky rocketing as we speak. As I sit in this ICU with my daughter I can’t help but feel helpless and vulnerable to this thing called ‘health benefits’. Indeed we are fortunate to have company support with regards to certain expenditures but there’s only so much it can do. The rest is really up to you to plan ahead and secure the assurance that in the event something unwanted happens, you and your family will be well taken cared of.

Makes me also think about those people less fortunate than us… those without medical insurance, company support or a stable financial standing. RM1,000 to RM3,000 per day for warding and doctors fees isn’t unusual these days. Especially when it concerns serious illnesses like cancer & coronary problems.

So please sign the dotted line as soon as you can. I for one will go one step further and increase my family coverage. As we all get older, medical costs will only get higher. Such is the irony of our mortality.


7 thoughts on “The Uncertainty Of Life

  1. naaimzee, azzlina, yiheng85 -> thanks guys for your kind wishes.. she’s recovering well and have just been discharged. the challenge now is to keep her in the pink of health.

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