Turkish Delight

These are wicked I tell you!



Got them from the Istanbul Grand Bazaar. These are not the prepacked types. You have to choose the flavours you prefer and they’ll pack them up into these nice boxes. Mine was even vacuum packed without me having to ask for it. Cool…

I love the ones on the left; pisctachio and honey. The greenish pisctachio with marshmallow is also nice but a bit chewy. Oh, not in the picture is the dark chocolate type is which great for choc lovers. Yummy…

A pack like this costs 20 Turkish lira which is equivalent to RM50 or USD15. Expensive? Depends on how you value it. I personally feel it’s ok. Especially since it tastes so nice!


3 thoughts on “Turkish Delight

  1. Nak, naaaak, naaaaaaaaaaaaakkk…………

    Been tired of eating chocolates edi……but that’s the thing, everytime my sis comes back from Ireland, they’re oni able to bring back:


    The oni exception is last Jan, my sis brought back some JCo donuts from Heathrow. She claimed it’s more delicious than M’sian ones, but I hardly feel they taste any different, lol.

    RM50 ok what, definitely more ok than chocolates from Ireland, the big ones which have a lot of varieties. Or it’s just bcuz I’m tired of it, but got no other choice, lol.

    But I really miss Taza’s barbadous (dunno exact spelling, wakakak), kind of a perfect dessert. Very sweet, but the kind of sweetness that I love, lolololol. Why lah Taza close edi in M’sia……

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