My Middle East Experience

Just wanted to share a wee bit more about my middle eastern experience last week. But if you really think about it to coin Istanbul ‘middle eastern’ isn’t 100% spot on. It is a modern metropolis with portions of old civilization here and there. Very idyllic too as you travel by the shores. And what wonderful bridges they have. The main bridge which links the European and Asian sides is a sight to behold in twilight. I was fortunate enough to watch the light show and it was really cool. Beads of light which change colour and did patterns by articulately mapping the movements of each source.

Near Sultanahmed historical city centre.

I was also fortunate to be able to experience fine dining in a most unique setting.. on the ‘water’ close to the bridge. One needs to use a boat to get there (a very short ride) and it is quite a happening place. Called SuAda, the interior deco is modern and cozy with nice jazzy music all round. I was told it specializes in seafood. I was also told celebs Kevin Costner and Enrique Iglesias was recently there. A definite must to patronise if you’re in the neighbourhood!

All in all, a memorable experience for my first trip here. Would I recommend it? Absolutely! Good food, great near-mediterranean climate, and many places to visit, both modern and historical. But be prepared for the rather brash culture though. Gets a bit of getting used to!

Outskirts of Dubai from the air.
Downtown Dubai as we near the airport.

2 thoughts on “My Middle East Experience

  1. Waa….Azlano, you’re on a world tour kah? So nice!! Emm…..dunno what else to say, wakakak. So where’s your next destination?

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