^_^ Krispy Kreme ^_^

I came.

I queued.

I savoured.

The queue starts all the way to the right!

Queueing Tokyo style…

 Yeeha! After days of wandering aimlessly looking for the outlet I can finally I say am one satisfied customer to Krispy Kreme doughnuts! I had to queue for about 30 minutes, which isn’t too bad. Especially considering the outlet is in Shinjuku, right across from the infamous Takashimaya Times Square. I found out that there are 2 more outlets here (one in Yurakucho and the other I’m not too sure).

What do I think of it? Sweet! And fluffy. I bought a dozen assorted and 6 classic glaze. Just so you know, they will give you a free classic doughnut when you get in line and get close enough to the door; kind of like to repay you for your patience! Personally I feel the can compete with J.Co except in the variety part. J.Co definitely has more variations and some of them are killer doughnuts (almond!). Price wise they are expensive but then it’s probably sold at Tokyo prices. Wonder if they cost the same in Indonesia?


3 thoughts on “^_^ Krispy Kreme ^_^

  1. tokmoh -> they’re not really crazy about donuts.. just that Tokyo folks are very ‘kiasu’ about new things in town. guess the craze will go away in time..

  2. Go away? Yeah…and replaced with cream puff? lol

    For the moment, my mom is crazy with Big Apple’s Snow Ball or something, the donut with tonnes of icing sugar on top of it 😉 Really sweet and nice, me love it too yohohoho.

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