Where are you Krispy Kreme!

As I walk around Tokyo it seems almost every single day I see people carrying plastic bags with Krispy Kreme boxes in them.. Aarrgghhh!! Talk about temptation overdrive.

Try as I might I can’t seem to find the outlet! @*!%&# … Time now to Google it and see if I can locate the store. Wish me luck 😉


4 thoughts on “Where are you Krispy Kreme!

  1. azlano,

    found the shop? I tried google and found this:

    “There is just one outlet in Japan at the moment: on the Southern Terrace next to Shinjuku station. Go to Shinjuku station, take the “Southern Terrace” exit. Keep walking south towards the bridge that connects to the Times Square building with Tokyuu hands. Krispy Kremes is at the corner of the bridge, you can’t miss it (same side as Starbucks).”

    wanted to but some J.Co from pyramid but afraid of the long queue…sigh…

  2. yiheng85 -> if you think J.Co queues in Malaysia are bad, wait till you try queing for Krispy Kreme in Tokyo… 😉 … utter madness, and i am speaking from experience!

  3. Paul Tan -> then J.Co & Big Apple will surely have serious competition… hope the price will be competitive though. in Japan they were ridiculous: Yen150 per donut!

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