Of sushi, sashimi and Subway sandwiches…

I wanted the first two but ended up with the sandwich!

Here in Tokyo city it’s easy to be influenced by the plethora of sights & smells from the many eateries. And there are MANY! I guess to support the population there has to be.

There’s so much to choose from; be it Western, Japanese, Korean, Moghul, Chinese, Italian… you name it. I for one prefer to experience local delicacies whenever I travel. What’s the point of visiting another country when all you end up eating is fried rice, roti chanai, and more fried rice + mee goreng! The Japanese food we normally have in Malaysia is always better here (in most cases anyway). The sushi & shashimi taste more fresh, the tempura more succulent and the udon yummier.

But tonight I must refrain from having Japanese food, hence the Subway sandwich. I simply need something to sink my teeth into aside from soupy meals and rice. Tomorrow? Perhaps noodles… I’ll surprise myself!

Unless you’ve got some ideas or advice?


2 thoughts on “Of sushi, sashimi and Subway sandwiches…

  1. glad that this blog come back to life ๐Ÿ™‚

    I agree that we should always try local delicacies when we travel (though the furthest I have traveled alone is only until Tawau and other East Malaysia towns), but still managed to try some noodles and rice different from what we have in KL. hehe…

    Azlano, how’s the night scenery over there in Tokyo? Do hope one day I can be there…

  2. yiheng85 -> always glad to be of service… ๐Ÿ™‚
    Night life here is very happening but not for families. They’re lots of pubs, eateries, restaurants, cafes, etc to frequent. And very costly too! I would recommend to anyone a visit here…

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