Seafood Ocean

Imagine having to eat seafood everyday for days on end!
That’s what I’ve been doing since I came to Korea… today for dinner was no exception. The restaurant was called *drum roll* “Seafood Ocean”! DUH! A family restaurant specializing in all things from the sea and greens too. My favourite is the lobster and Alaskan crabs (yes, that one from Discovery Channel!). But to be honest, none of them can beat our local Malaysian seafood!

Hmm.. gotto move to Tokyo tomorrow. Wonder if the seafood there will be better…


5 thoughts on “Seafood Ocean

  1. Paul Tan -> i’ve never been; not motivated to really. I’ve been told it’s similar to Billingsgate Market in London, which i’ve been to. So been there, done that… 🙂

  2. Too late now, lah, but Tsukiji is really something else altogether. And the sushi there is, as you’d expect, about as fresh as you can get on terra firma.

    Better still, about two blocks from Tsukiji (on the north side), there’s a small bookshop specialising in foreign-language (i.e. non-Japanese) used books and magazine books on design, primarily product design. Wonderfully esoteric stuff.



  3. not familiar with theirs, i think finesse / delicasy , systematic and fresh / hygine is their essence of presentation very much under the a piece of architecture that contain the heart/pulse of activity ,its lively,

    my just an imgination, couldnt reach that reality,(no traveling lah) ocassionally i just stop by tanjung lumpur or kuala selangor if ocassionally permited, for some ikan bakar,

    lucky dear all,,

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