What Happened To My Blog?

The past few weeks have given me time to rethink about what this blog means to me and to the people who frequent it. The only way to do that effectively was to block all access as I seek some quiet time reflecting how ‘Ask and You Will Be Enlightened’ has evolved.

Some positives I noted were how traffic has certainly increased i.e. readership is good. With readership come good two-way communication too and I enjoyed being able to share ideas & thoughts with many visitors. I made new friends and acquaintances.

Along the way too I noticed the blog was turning into an online forum with lots of emphasis on my work than anything else. It was interesting for a while but then I realised things were getting out of hand. My comments were being quoted as ‘personal’ accounts, inside information and, by and large, misconstrued. This was particularly glaring when these quotes became pervalent in other blogs. It was time for a change.

azlano 2.0 is a new beginning. The layout, as you can very well see, has been revamped to something fresh and contemporary. It’s also easier to read, I feel. I’ve updated headers as well as some widgets too, along with a prefessional looking blue-yellow colour scheme for modernity.

Some readers who provided comments before will notice that automatic updates is no longer available; all comments require moderation from now on. There’s also a need for bloggers to register prior to commenting. All this is in the interest of my personal privacy, nothing more nothing less. In that effect too, some earlier posts are now password protected for personal reasons. Only selected members of my blogsphere are allowed to access them; hope you can respect that decision.

Having said all that, the essence of this blog is still the same as with ‘Ask and You Will Be Enlightened’. azlano is still azlano! and he will continue to speak his mind. Life is as exciting as it was before so expect more banter from me 😉 (for good or bad, you decide!).

I’m glad to be back…


6 thoughts on “What Happened To My Blog?

  1. Azlano!!! I miss you(-r blog) sooo much!!!! Tadaima modorimashita, Azlano-san!!

    Wow, I have to say, this is indeed a refreshing layout!! But I think you need to use a bigger font size. This is quite small thus straining, IMHO.

  2. azlano
    is there anyway of auto / design / talk.
    he he,,,
    well i know it part of your life, maybe it would be repetitive ,stuffed up, and bored with those, it to talk about it,
    so sorry, you know me azlina who like to post pictures, pretending i know about designs,
    i dont know,,, im so passionate about cars,

  3. azzlina -> it’s not i don’t want to write about cars or design.. i just don’t want it to be a priority over everything else. but don’t worry, i’ve already started drafting a rather long piece on car styling!

  4. azlano, i refrain my self talking about automotor,hehee
    but mmm, ‘drafting’ ..
    doest it mean ‘measured’, (next step after styling)

    or drafting means a fresh start, for the next, when the matter to be dued on early 09 already completed,?

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