Big Apple Donuts & Coffee


Not my cup of tea unfortunately… I’ve heard many things:

  1. Dunkin Donuts started it all..
  2. Krispy Kreme did a one up over Dunkin Donuts..
  3. J.Co copied Krispy Kreme and made it slightly cheaper..
  4. Big Apple Donuts ripped off J.Co (but didn’t do a good job of it)..

There you have it! I kinda agree with point number 4; it’s just not as nice as J.Co. Had a dozen the other day. Will probably be my last… 🙂

Krispy Kreme, where are you?!


8 thoughts on “Big Apple Donuts & Coffee

  1. do you know that they sell Krispy Kreme ‘bersepah-sepah’ at supermarkets in Florida…. that’s where Krispy Kreme and I first met 🙂
    all we have to do is chuck it into the microwave and it will taste even better….and here we are just drooling over it… sigh… I am more like saliva-ing over it…. the nearest outlet I think is in Jakarta…

  2. nazri -> you really should try J.Co… it’ll put Dunkin to shame!

    airamakeup -> put me on the next flight to Indonesia! 🙂

  3. My sister recently came back to Msia, she brought JCo from Heathrow!! Taste nicer than Msian JCo, I wonder why……

    Heheh, tis the season of donuts, eh? Last time rotiboy season, nden kopitiam season, now donuts, next what……

  4. azlano is abs right.. J.Co taste better from Dunkin D.. however i missed Dunkin D’s small bites, forget the names oredi..

    i oso fancy the fact tht drinks comes with a complimentary plain donut at J.Co

  5. tokmoh -> next is cream puff (japanese type… yummy!)… already available at One Utama & Sunway 2!

    naaim.zee -> the DD small bites you mentioned is made from the nomal donuts’ centre portion isn’t it? … J.Co still rules! (till Krispy Kreme arrives)…

  6. Cream puff kah……ooh……gonna try it then 😛 I predict takoyaki (at Mid Valley got one!!), wakakaka.

    I just noticed Delifrance at Subang Parade closed edi, replaced wit Big Apple 😦 . WAAAA………ano kuso big apple…kaette oremo deriflance da~!!

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