Putrajaya Botanical Park

I think if you live in towns or cities, it is a common thing to spend time in malls during our days off or weekends. The reasons could be many; to shop, attend a performance, watch a movie, have meals or to simply people watch and soak up the atmosphere. Being in Malaysia I personally feel this could also be attributed to our hot & humid weather. Being in an airconditioned building feels so much more inviting than sweating it out in a park!

Having said that, there are times one needs to just breath in fresh air and watch nature. Just like gardening, I’m confident being with nature is a therapeutic experience.

The Putrajaya Botanical Park is one of many public parks in vicinity. The others are the Putra Perdana Park, Warisan Pertanian Park and Wetland Park. I’m not sure about the rest but entrance to the Botanical Park is free. So off I went with my family in tow!

When you get there get ready for a lot of walking, so good sneakers are a must. You cn, however, rent bicycles or ride the tram for a small fee (but where’s the fun in that?). Mind you the area is quite hilly all round. The entire park is divided into sections so be prepared to come back as it is quite tiring to cover every area in one day.

I brought along picnic baskets and even sketch books to really wind down. And it was worth it. The evening sunset was beautiful, the flowers were refreshing and the lake, well, was ‘cooling’ to the mind. My favourite part is definitely the walk by the lake; you can view the Prime Ministers residence up close, walk on the wooden planks over the lake and watch people do water sports go by (which you can do also for a small fee). Occasionally one will also spot the police boats racing past as they patrol the area.

 I’m sure to return and will also drop by the other parks. This sure makes for a change over the hustle and bustle of city life. 🙂

Sky walkway as you leave the Visitor Centre.
 A quick sketch!
 Some of the wonderful flowers you can see.
 The Prime Ministers residence across the lake…
The lake with the Wetlands Park on the horizon.

3 thoughts on “Putrajaya Botanical Park

  1. Wah..holiday at the park huh!!.Good.I’m only once been there.Good park actually.So…got ideas from pokok…bukit..tasik…to build the car?…hehe

  2. this may sound funny.. i’ve spent almost a year in putrajaya but never know about this park.. looks attractive from the pics.. mind sharing direction to get there?

  3. empeevee -> just a short outing to wind down… it’s important to keep the mind fresh and relaxed 😉

    amad -> the easiet way is to head for the Putrajaya Seafood Restaurant as they share the same grounds. the entry point is actually within the inner ring road, close to the P U T R A J A Y A hillside signage.

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