The 2008 Detroit Auto Show


I watched this report on CNBC a few days ago and by golly it was strange. Having been to a few car shows worldwide, this Detroit show really is different. Car shows, to me, should have the following objectives:-

  1. For manufacturers to showcase their new designs and launch new models.
  2. For manufacturers to exhibit their full range of vehicles as a show of superiority over the lesser competitor.
  3. For automotive consultants to sell their services to a broader audience.
  4. Brand and connection building across all levels.

The Detroit show, on the other hand, is a media extravaganza. I was amazed at the amount of money poured into this event just to sell the featured cars. There were singers, footballers (not the soccer kind mind you), film stars, baseball stars, basketball stars, race car drivers, supermodels, need I go on? Trying to compare this to our very own KL Motorshow is like trying to compare an Airbus A380 with a Twin Otter… utterly pointless!

But I guess that’s what makes it interesting to watch (and attend if you’re fortunate enough). Everything is big & bold. Maybe this is Detroit. A city built upon these very virtues as it graples with the Car Capital of North America stigma. I’ve been to Detroit and I must say it’s really industrial. Not my kinda town…

So, would I come to next years Detroit Show? Hell ya! 🙂 .. if not for the cars then definitely for the shows! Not forgetting people watching!

Come to think of it, me thinks Detroit is akin to Geneva with steroids! Really!


3 thoughts on “The 2008 Detroit Auto Show

  1. jufy joop -> get excited with all the shows! in any Auto Show, the public days during weekends are the worst! especially the last weekend prior to closing…

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