Your Comments and Questions!

Since I made the entry about the new Proton Saga (including RED) I’ve been getting a lot of comments and queries from many, many readers. A LOT. Never have I received so many!

THANK YOU to all who took the time and effort to share your thoughts and opinions.

Normally I would try my best to respond to all of them ASAP but due to the sudden increase in traffic it has become almost impossible to react as quickly as before. So I do hope you can bear with me if I don’t respond to your questions so soon.

Do note, however, that this is my blogspace in the World Wide Web. My online home, so to speak. This is not a Forum in any sense of the word so I hope readers treat it accordingly.

For the regulars (either silent readers or the more eloquent types), I thank you for your support! To the newcomers, I do hope you find this blog interesting reading, if not informative in one way or another.

Have a GREAT DAY ahead!


33 thoughts on “Your Comments and Questions!

  1. Ben -> to be really honest, i don’t have an answer to that coz i’m not from QC. in case you’re interested, at the time of this writing the bookings have breached 20,000 🙂 … and i have complete faith in Proton’s new management to mitigate any shortcomings.

  2. I think you guys had done a great job for Persona and Saga. Congrats.

    My suggestion, I would love to have a book depicting various designs and sketches done during the production of Proton models from yesteryear until today. Surely it will be a hit with design students and car enthusiats like me. I also believe that there are lots of untold stories of projects that has failed to take off somehow. That is also a nice story to be told, if not in a book, in magazines. I am sure many journalists would love an exclusive.

  3. Assalamu’alaikum,

    Just want to ask 1 question, will the SAGA will be produced with all 4 power windows? I was very interested in getting one for my dad, but the lack of back power window is a big minus to me.

  4. Salam… firstly, congrate for the nice car (the new Saga). Overall, I like the design very much. I feel the car is much more safer than other cars in that price region. And, material used in the car, is beyond what I’m expected (far more better than Savvy even other Japanese/Korean/M’sian cars). Kudos for you & your team.

    I’m hoping that the new MPV is far more beautiful than Nissan Grand Livina (exterior design) & can accomodate 7 people…. Hopes that you can design it beautifully:d

  5. Okay , thanks . How do u think about the new management comparing to the previous ones ? Does that really changed a lot , do they really want to strive for success or just like the last time. From your point of view of course.

  6. nahar79 -> TQ! i have been thinking of writing a book about my experiences actually… i’ll keep your suggestion in mind!

    Horatio Caine -> Salam.. sorry to hear about your predicament but the Saga will stay as-is for now… it’s still a good product nevertheless!

    Ben -> another person asked me the same sort of question in my other post! how ironic! my answer is the same…

    themamakcorner -> sorry to hear about your incident.. depending on your budget and lifestyle, each car also has its own plus & minus’.

  7. Thanks for ur answer. BTW, hope that the new MPV will have a beautiful design.

    Some suggestions for the MPV…

    1. Rear sliding doors please. Rear swing door doesn’t fit the MPV profile well. Looks more station wagon to me.

    2. Full 7 seater capability would be nice like the ones in estima and serena.

  8. Hi bro , one thing for success is in designing car is
    The Lamp must be BIG and Stylish , look avanza those , they aren’t that stylish or wateva but good sales man , gen2 lamp so small , makes it looks like low class. Lamp big like camry,myvi those only can attract malaysian buyer. Trust me or not , ur choice man.

  9. Horatio Caine -> indications are good 😉 … tq 4 ur suggestions. those are the common requests; the trick is to balance cost vs. function. not easy…

    Azmi -> indeed it is our decision, but they are calculated decisions. as a responsible manufacturer we do not simply design to a whim but instead put a lot of research into each detail. things to note wrt large lamps:-
    1. they are ususally heavy therefore have a big impact on total vehicle weight, which also translate to poor fuel consumption.
    2. they are costly to produce due to large areas of reflector, LED/bulb and glass/plastic. did you know that the reflective elements you see on rear combi lamps are one of the most expensive parts to develop within the unit?
    3. they are expensive to replace too!

    having said all that, we do realize front & rear lamps contribute immensely to the appearance of car styling so we will do what is necessary to ensure our new producs meet design intent.

  10. azlano.. i got a question for ya.. how come proton is not doing a tie-up engine agreement with petronas?.. or you guys just dont see eye to eye with eachother?.. cuz if you guys do.. man its gon’ be one helluva engine.. proton cars will surely fly.. fo sho’ :P..

  11. jufy joop -> if ONLY i can tell you what we’ve gone through wrt this thorny issue… but yes, it is a powerful engine.

    theking -> i am?! hehe…

  12. Maybe u can share some of your development stories here just like the 1st new Saga sketches etc. Would love to see some styling mockup of current Protons. Of cos, not the top secret ones 😉

  13. nahar79 -> in time i guess that can be arranged. like i said before in one of my posts, someday i want to write a book about my experiences. i’ve so much to tell!

    azlina -> hehe.. that’s for me to know and for you to find out! 😉

  14. Azlano, regarding lights….

    It has always been said that LED is cheaper, use less electricity, last longer, etc benefits compared to normal bulbs, so why do most modern cars today still use bulbs? Proton, Perodua (this is strangest to me: Myvi use LED nden Viva use bulb), Mercedes, etc, they all seem to still have bulb in even their latest models. Why? Could it be that only a few of LED’s benefits are true n the rest are just myths, especially regarding to cost?

    I know he has a Wish, nyehehe. Read his earlier post, got one saying he joined Wish Msia club 😉

  15. jufy joop wrote:

    azlano.. i got a question for ya.. how come proton is not doing a tie-up engine agreement with petronas?.. or you guys just dont see eye to eye with eachother?.. cuz if you guys do.. man its gon’ be one helluva engine.. proton cars will surely fly.. fo sho’ :P..

    Ya azlano i really agree with him. Can u forward his idea to the powertrain depatment? I really want to see Petronas engine in proton’s future car. Expecially the MPV and Perdana replacement model. Pleaseeee….

  16. nah azlano.. i know proton has gone thru alot.. so spare us the story.. 🙂 but i do hope that you guys could be y’know like bert and ernie.. share stuffs together.. i mean who wouldnt have that thought crossed their heads..

    anyways.. i do have a wish too.. it’s called
    ‘I Wish!’..

  17. Everyone, I guess Proton-Petronas story is too political for Azlano to discuss here. Do still remember this is his online home, so let’s respect his wish not to tell the tale nor discuss abt it any further. There’s always motortrader, paultan, etc other sites to read up if u guys r still curious.

  18. Salam Azlano,

    Congrats for designing Saga. I believe it’s a huge leap for Proton. I personally pleased with Proton new management team, change up wholly managing variety and also within the company itself. I just want to ask 1 question i.e. Will Proton ever produce four doors Neo? I bet it will also leave a huge impact on Proton sales. Discard proton’s concept of having Neo as 2 doors car, what other reasons for Proton not producing that 4 doors Neo?… and that will be my 2nd question. 🙂

    Thanks. Look fwd for your reply. TQVM.

  19. tokmoh -> contrary to belief, good quality & bright LED is still costly to implement, inspite of all the other benefits. Perodua has an advantage because they use the economies of scale provided by Daihatsu. fyi for now LED’s are only applicable for rear combi & side marker applications en masse (excluding interior apps). they are still too expensive for headlamps. Audi is leading this research but EU legislations have not allowed them. only Japan is allowing full LED headlamps.

    cucu mudim -> although i’m a proponent of the saying ‘never say never’, IMHO the Sartria Neo four door is a missed opportunity. if Proton wanted one it would have done it donkey years ago. but lets not worry about spilled milk and move on. remember, it’s not only about style; tooling investment and package competitiveness also plays an important role in deciding if a car makes it to the market.

    alone -> like the saying goes, ‘never say never’!… again.

    jufy joop -> Bert & Ernie eh? that’s farnie!.. hmm, you sound like a WCM member…

    ALL -> Trade secrets and internal strategic information of any organization is privy to the select few which have been entrusted to keep it. This blog is not an open Forum to discuss such confidential information as that would be unethical. Please repect my wishes.

  20. tq. Well, in that case I’m reluctant to say goodbye to my-dream-four-doors-neo. Anyway, regarding the incoming MPV, many rumours say it’ll more like Lotus APX. I hope the final design for production will be more than that.

  21. cucu mudim -> rumours are rumours… but seriously, do you really think the APX can be a MPV? if you’ve seen it up close then i think you know the answer…

  22. Salam En. Azlan,

    Since you’re into designing, I’d just like to comment that I’m hoping Proton won’t sacrifice functionality over style. Case in point, the Persona’s side-mirrors. Although they look stylish (being triangular and all), it’s very hard and very dangerous (!) for the driver with that very small mirror.

    Which brings me to a question, can it be replaced with some other model? One which is bigger? I just love the Saga’s side-mirrors (among other things).

  23. Amin -> It’s a fine balance really. would you wanna live with a very practical thing but it looks horrible? probably not! therefore trust us to do our best to ensure the product functions well and looks stylish too. the new Saga is testament of this philosophy.

    the Persona outer side mirror has passed the required regulations therefore is it legally safe. the new BMW 3 series mirror is also very small but does anyone complain? it can’t be replaced outright but i suppose you can find something else in an accessory shop. but those won’t be warranted by Proton.

  24. Now I understand… I guess I’m just not used to having a side-mirror of that size 🙂

    In any case, I wish to (belatedly) congratulate Proton for outdoing themselves (yourselves) with the new Saga!

    If there’s a Saga H-Line, I’ll be having a big headache as I would really really love to have one — but my wife is a Persona fan and we can’t afford two cars at the moment (oh well).

  25. Ya. I noticed after the Waja, Merc n now BMW oso do triangle mirror!! So if the Germans did it, it can oni mean its legally safe.

    The APX looks smaller than Wish I think, bt I think it’s a gud reference point.

  26. It’s in Paultan, that said Proton MPV will be launch mid-2009. I respect the privacy, but maybe you can give a little hint, just a little hint about overall design of Proton MPV? :p

    – Hmm, sure APX is not MPV, but like tokmoh said, it will be a good reference though. I’ve also noticed that APX dashboard, is actually kinda similar to Neo. 🙂

  27. Paul Tan -> as a responsible blogger i’m sure you do.. i made that comment to cucu mudim in reference to the posts made by some visitors to your site. i’m sure you realize that quite a number of them do not hold water but still people discuss & disseminate them as the truth. i would give the same advice to anyone frequenting online sites, forums and blogs (yes, including mine!). that’s the irony of the World Wide Web…

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