OK, I admit it. I’m one of the millions of people who fell prey to the teasers. It was so intriguing I had to see what all the hype was about!

Be warned that I might give away some spoilers here so please move away if you don’t want to be ‘spoiled’! This movie is ala Blair Witch Project. It’s shot 100% in nomal 4:3 pixel ratio so you don’t get the ultra-widescreen image. Further more, there’s hardly any editting done to the footage except to infuse CGI. Speaking of which, the execution is nice and seamless. Most of the action happens at night so you know they are following the Godzilla and War of the Worlds theory.
I don’t know about you but I feel a bit uneasy having to follow amateur footage taken like this. I found myself tilting my head to one side every once a while and it does become a bit tiring to the eyes. Iunderstand the artistic aspect of it but I can’t relate too much to the linear storyline.
But when the action starts, it really is gripping! The pace is not consistant all round with some funny bits here and there but I guess that’s acceptable to reduce monotony. This is one MONSTER of a movie… about how an alien monstrosity attacks New York City and about how a group of friends loose each other (literally) while the US Army tries their best to subdue the creature(s). It’s also a movie about enduring love and self sacrifice. Yes, you need that in a movie like this. Else you’ll fall asleep after 30 minutes!
There are no famous actors/actresses in this movie. Ony one famous director leading the pack; JJ Abrams. I must say I expected more JJ! So, how did it end? It is so bizarre all I can say is it left me feeling empty. I mean the movie is kinda exciting and arty farty but I didn’t like leaving the cinema not knowing what could have or would have transpired. It was as if JJ wanted us to formulate our own ending!
Would I recommend it to friends? For those who love city carnage, nocturnal surprises and alien intrigue please do watch this show. Otherwise stay clear! Think twice about bringing little kids too; there are lots of sh*t words uttered as well as some graphic violence throughout. 6 out of 10 in my book.
Btw, ‘Cloverfield’ has nothing to do with anything in this movie. The story goes that JJ picked the street name as the project code and since everyone started calling it that the name stuck. Eerie…

5 thoughts on “CLOVERFIELD

  1. SB went in to see Cloverfield
    and within 30 minutes walked OUT,
    puking onto the carpet outside the hall.

    SB was seeing stars minus the stripes.

    All that viewing of the scenes from
    a handheld video cam that was
    swinging around like Tarzan in the
    concrete jungles … made SB really
    uncomfortable and head dizzy swinging too.

    The ushers all commented to SB that
    there have been more than a few viewer
    “victims” of Cloverfield who felt the
    earth move under their feet and they
    had to make a bee run to the loo to
    puke ( vomit ).

    So … all others be forewarned that this
    movie is one rollercoaster ride that can
    make you become a casualty too …
    not just the New Yorkers !

  2. savvybaby -> sorry to hear about your little ‘incident’… i just found out today there’s a hidden message right after the end credits! Arghh! now i hafta watch it AGAIN!! oh the humanity…

  3. wowee … dear azlano
    U R built tough inside out
    u could withstand that “torture”
    at Cloverfield ?

    goodness, even it FOC,
    SB ain’t walking in the cinema aisle
    for this show

    anyways … cheers to U and
    why don’t U pop over to MTLand
    forum where the chips are
    well done … just about right to the
    taste eh ?

    this is a free world of virtual airwaves,
    and an entrance by dear azlano
    would be sooooooo welcomed indeed

  4. yup! it made headline news. people were dizzy & having major headaches over here too. i’ll pass on this one 😉 we’re getting sick of JJ Abrams these days. he’s such a cheap a**. always recycling his suspense music in Lost, Alias, Mission Impossible, etc. we’re almost afraid that if we watched Cloverfield we will hear something familiar. haha!

  5. Serenity -> hehe.. guess we can call it the ‘Cloverfield effect’! this movie really didn’t meet up to all the hype! btw, hope you’re having a tolerable winter there 😉

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