Sinusitis And Blogging…

…obviously doesn’t jive.

I’ve been really under the weather over the past week. This sinus problem I have just keeps geting worse. Imagine having one nostril totally blocked. It’s makes me feel tired and heavy-headed everyday.

Thus writing in front of this laptop isn’t fun. The bright screen is giving me a headache. For those who have never experienced acute sinusitis, it usually comes with a terrible headache similar to migraine. I’m told by my physician that it’s due to your sinus cavities being filled with nasal discharge so there’s additional pressure build up in the skull. Sounds creepy doesn’t it?

The funny thing is I haven’t experienced this for a very, very long time. It’s been smooth sailing for almost half a year with no sickness whatsoever. I felt good, healthy and happy. I wonder if stress is getting the better of me…

In any case, I’ve swallowed Clarinase and Piriton so I’ll be out cold within the hour. Need the rest I suppose before the rat race begins again in 8 hours.

Wish me luck.


5 thoughts on “Sinusitis And Blogging…

  1. Try sinusitis with flying, Once I’m too ignorent to report sick, then continued flying wow the agony only god knows, my ears & nose bled like hell …luckily I’m too handsome to cry bwahahaha

  2. heheheh, bahan ‘terlarang’ lagi ka?

    * blog owner advises readers to take comments such as this with an open mind as many of them are jokes and not meant to be taken seriously… 🙂

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