What is the Proton BLM?

I’ve been inundated by questions with regards to the Proton BLM over the past few weeks. Me thinks the intrigue got the better of most people after the official teaser campaign was featured on TV as well as the local newspapers.

What is the BLM? Everyone who has kept in touch with the news will know it is a car (obviously) and it is set to replace the aging Proton Saga/Iswara. So that confirms that it will be a A/B-segment vehicle with affordability in mind.

How does the BLM look like? Again, for obvious reasons, I can’t post the images yet. But string ‘BLM’ in Google and you’re surely to come across loads of spyshots.  Here’s the teaser TVC in case you haven’t seen it:

All I can say is that none of those pictures or videos do the design justice. You really need to view the car yourself to appreciate its styling and my advice to you is please make sure you crank the engine to hear a sound normally associated with high-end cars. Sweet!

I guess it is only proper if I give the full low down when the car is officially launched. And that isn’t a long wait from today, I can guarantee that. Be forewarned that there will be more teasers appearing over the next week or so. There will even be ‘peek-a-boo’ demonstrations at certain designated malls where the BLM will be slowly put together part by part. Quite unique for a car launch. Also an opportunity for you to view the car ‘naked’!

Do take a look at the car personally before passing judgement. Also, if you need to compare, do it with another car in the same vehicle segment e.g not to a BMW 3 series or Honda Civic! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised…


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