Happy 2008 All! … My New Year Resolutions Are…

I guess better late than never! I was away for a short holiday and of course when you do that the backlog of work piles up at the office. So the past few days have been about catching up.

A new year begins therefore new resolutions are also warranted. I don’t know about you but this year I decided to have 2 sets of resolutions. The first one is displayed in my Facebook page while the other set is kinda personal so I carry it with me in my organizer. Basically my public 2008 resolutions are  like this:- 

  1. I will spend more time with my family & friends!
  2. I will improve my organizational skills further!
  3. I will go on a proper weeklong holiday!
  4. I will reconnect with even more friends!
  5. I will TRY not to spend too much on gadgets & boys toys!

My personal resolutions are more about self management and organizational goals.  I think it is important for one to achieve certain targets in ones life or else you’ll stagnate and wallow in self depression. Sounds horrid don’t you think?

So lets hope I’ll have enough self discipline to do what I need to do by year end. I know I’ll be a happy bunny should I achieve them!


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