A Night To Remember

This is gonna sound kinda wierd… Persona was launched a while back but we only got the appreciation dinner now? Well, better late than never.

This post is a bit delayed but I felt it would be nice to highlight this event and show my team to all readers. A few of us were selected to represent the Design group for this event as a show of appreciation by the Proton management. Basically every functional group were given the liberty to selected key personnels to attend this event.

As you will see from the pictures, it was a mildly formal event. The food was mediocre (Holiday Villa! What happened to you chef??) but at least the agenda went smooth and the attendance of colleagues with their spouses enlivened the night.

I was fortunate to be able to catch the MD, Dato’ Syed Zainal, then pestered him to take photos with my designers, modellers and I (thanks boss!).

To my better half I say thank you for understanding my passion. To my designers I say thank you most sincerely and keep up the momentum; the battle has only just begun! To those in my team who could not attend the event, let me applaude you for your understanding, patience and perseverance in being a team player. The awards and praises belong not only to a select few but to all of us in Proton Design.


5 thoughts on “A Night To Remember

  1. Wildcat -> thanks! welcome home to you!
    Zan -> IMHO the Citra is a flawed car. The exterior style is a bit disproportionate and the interior feels cheap. The engine is also a gas guzzler! Would be better to wait for the 2nd generation to reach our shores…
    nicole -> hey you, thanks for dropping by!

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