Been To D’Lish?

I’ve been a long time fan of the Delicious restaurants by Ms. Read. Even made an entry about it a while back. While grocery shopping at Bangsar Village’s The Village Grocer I stumbled upon this little eatery by chance really. I mean I read an article about how they wanted to create this joint but didn’t know where it was located.

It’s basically a spin off from Delicious, appropriately labelled D’lish. It’s supposed to be a fast food version of the restaurant. Gourmet meals in a flash, I suppose. In fact you’ll notice most of what’s in the menu is actually derived from Delicious. With a few quickie treats to boot.

This establishment opens early to cater for the 9-5 working class.  Things are supposed to be easily purchased and fast to consume i.e. manageable portions. There are even ‘bento sets’ for those on the go. You know, this place reminds me of Pret a’Manger in the UK. As for beverages, expect the usual coffees, teas and juices. Overall the packaging of everything is nicely done and conforms with the quick and easy metaphore.

Which brings me to the outlet concept. Light colours, wood effects and mood lighting accentuates a cosy environment. LCD (or are they plasma?) screens line up the back walls streaming CNN, StarSports and other entertainment feeds for the guests to visually consume. Quite techie for a place like this. Almost Planet Holywood-ish! I didn’t pay attention to them but my little princesses certainly found them amusing. There are bar seatings at one end so you can have a quick sit if you’re in a hurry. Or one can lounge outside if you’re into people watching.

I like the idea of this eatery. But I do have my gripes. The prices are high for a concept like this. I feel being in Bangsar does not give it license to hike up prices. I feel there should be a clear cost difference between D’lish and Delicious. Another thing which didn’t score positively for me was the taste of the food. Nice yes, great no. Something was missing… And finally, I would advise the owners to review that location. Definitely secluded. Either reposition (unlikely) or improve your promotions (doable!).

I could be wrong but hey, if you’re in the neighbourhood do give it a try!

My princesses digging in!
Post-dinner amusement time.

One thought on “Been To D’Lish?

  1. I eat here every other day… I am the 9-5 working class you are referring to…hehe. Love the LCD screens (they are not Plasma) since sometimes I go for lunch all by myself when I’m rushing… this place is packed with stay-at-home-mums during lunch hour… senior citizens too… and young working girls like me and my girlfriends… in revolutionized office attire (think tweed vests and mahogany patent-leather wedges hehehe) babbling about their not very smart bosses, how to save the world and how complicated boyfriends can be…. the beef quiche is my favourite!

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