Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha!

I must admit this isn’t one of the big celebrations in my books. But still it is an important event to celebrate. With family especially. The odd thing is that in my hometown (that’s fairweather Kuching in case you didn’t know) this just isn’t celebrated in a big way. Never was. Maybe it’s a Sarawakian thing. But I do know many friends who do this side of Malaysia, especially in the East Coast.

Nevertheless I’m going to enjoy my extra long weekend. This week has been anything but relaxing. I’m not tired physically, just mentally exhausted. *read my previous post and you’ll understand*

Tomorrow will be time with family, downing good food and watching seasonal TV shows. Maybe even reruns. Ahh… laze in a daze. What bliss.

To all my Muslim friends I’d like to wish them a very Happy Eid! To the rest, Happy Holidays! Drive carefully and stay safe wherever you may be.


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