People Management

It’s a crappy thing to do day-in & day-out but someone’s got to do it. Or so they say.

It’s also a thankless job. No matter what you do you can never please everyone. Not even 90% of them. Heck, not even a quarter.

And even when you do, by some miracle, please them… the majority never fails to overlook your effort. It’s like a catch 22; forgo all the good things everyday but one little mistake and you are scarred for life. Jack Nicholson eloquently said in ‘As Good As It Gets’, Where’s the trust? Yeah, where is the trust?

When you get close to them, they take your authority forgranted. When you don’t get close to them they complain and say you don’t care. Pah…

Well, I for one am tired of being Mr. Nice Guy. The buck stops NOW.

Time for some serious #@!* kicking.


One thought on “People Management

  1. Well honey….if you do it rite, i’m pretty sure at least half of them will be satisfied……my 2 cents of adv – earn their respect not get them….

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