Leaving Korea! Yay!

Images from Korea

The top panorama was taken from my hotel room while the other two is from around Incheon (that’s a satellite city a few kilometres from Seoul). I feel these images capture a great deal of ‘industrial Korea’. A big part of it is grey, concrete, filled with little eateries at every nook and traffic control is kinda wierd.

I’m really looking forward to get home tomorrow. My flight is in about 9 hours and I wished the time would fly. I’ve said this in my previous entries; I’m never really comfortable here. Even with the fine treatment from my local friends and the wonderful feasts we’ve had there’s just something ‘cold’ about Korea (it’s -10 degrees outside but that’s another story!).

But for as long as this project I’m working on is collaborated with Korean based consultants then return I shall! In fact my return trip is just round the corner actually… ho hum. It’ll REALLY be freezing then!

For now, allow me to rejoice being able to return to sunny and humid Malaysia! Strange as that may sound. Ah, there’s no place like home!


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