The Return of the Korean Bug

And by that I mean ‘food bug’. I’ve got bad food poisoning. The local pharmacist attributed it to an abnormal tummy virus and it’s making me feel all squemish and bloated. Needless to say I had my fair share of visits to the loo.This sickness started yesterday morning since then I’ve been feeling terrible; dizzy and bloated to the max.

I think it’s due to the sashimi I had earlier that day. During my last visit I had the same sickness and that was also after having raw fish. Funny thing is I was in Tokyo a few weeks ago and having sashimi too but nothing like this happened. Maybe Korean sashimi has a negative effect on me…

This really ruined my weekend! Supposed to paint Seoul red and do some shopping but ended up lying in bed all day. Blueeerghh!! I still feel dizzy & bloated but definitely better than yesterday morning. Thanks to some Korean medicine purchased by my local friend.

It’s almost 3am local time, got to try and sleep now. Hope I’ll get better soon… 😦


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