Winter Sonata (Seoul Style!)

I’m here again

 Seoul that is (Incheon to be exact). It’s already winter here and the temp is somewhere between just below 0 till 8 degrees. Night time is quite chilly especially when it’s windy. But still manageable; the worst time is in Jan-Feb where you’ll have freezing temps.

Yesterday was mostly about meetings and more meetings. And food! Yes, we were feted with some really tasty vegetarian and seafood meals courtesy of our friends from LG.

The Koreans said the meal is rather spicy and it really was! Nothing comparable to our cili back home but still I was sweating it out. The baby octopus’ was one of the best meals…

Righty ho, have to leave for work now. Will write again soon.

I leave you with some shots of our dinner last night:-

Dinner in Incheon

Baby octopus'


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