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Bee movie poster 

Watched it tonight after having to forego Enchanted due to full bookings. Not that I’m crazy with any of them, just that eldest daughter needed some feel good entertainment and this seemed like a plausible family outing.

Aside from the trailers I saw a month or two back, there wasn’t much abuzz (pun intended) about this show. It was a movie about one bee (voiced by Jerry Seinfeld) trying to make a difference in an otherwise mundane, work-till-you-die existance.

I must say I wasn’t impressed with the storyline. It was way too big for my feeble mind to comprehend (in this movie bees can talk; heck all of gods creations can converse to each other). The unrealistic, fantasy-oriented approach to the story is more suited to really young kids I think. To most of us who grew up with the likes of Shrek, Nemo, Buzz and to a certain extent Remy the Rat, this movie is in its own league.

The cinematography and art direction was good though. Proportions between humans and bee was quite believeable and the sense of scale & speed when they traverse metropolitan New York City is exhilarating. And the choice of colours to paint Central Park reminded me of that painting called A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by George Seurat, vivid and harmonious.

If you’re into the Seinfeld kind of stage comedy punctured with the witty coarse voice of Renee Zelwegger than this animation is for you. Unfortunately this is one I feel only deserves for the kiddies. There’s no real ‘umph!’ to remind you of the 1 hour plus you spent in the theatre. No highlight of the movie to talk about. Frankly, the most memorable character IMHO is that straight-talking mosquito! Someone should spin-off another movie called, you guessed it – Mosquito Movie, and that’ll probably sell more tickets!…

At least I think so anyways.


4 thoughts on “Bee Movie

  1. hi azlan, i’m serene (adrian’s wife). thanks for linking my site to yours. u MUST take your daughter to see enchanted soon 🙂 it’s very good. of course, i didn’t take adrian wt me ;). glad u reviewed the Bee Movie.

  2. Serene -> Thanks for viewing my blog! I’ll make sure i watch Enchanted when i return to Malaysia. Do send my regards to Adrian and have a great day ahead.

  3. Enchanted.I would say a must to watch movie..(it’s like “girls come true” movie.).Still awaiting for my knight and shining armor to rescue me…

    sorry to be a bz bees. are u your wife knight and shining armor.???..

    pls write us a bit of your romantic story. Are u the type of man that love and cherish your lover for eternity??hmmm i wonder.

    I dreams of a romantic and affectionate yet sexy partner. Men nowadays are difficult..Among the main factor must be able to support me fully from head to toes.I’m expensive!!..and have a great taste indeed.Above all, will love me more than me loving him..that way he loves me forever.

    Ooops i got carried away.. Darn!! enchanted…darn!! but hei,it’s a great movie.
    Girls love a childhood dreams come true

    i think ur daughter will enjoy it (as well as big girl) 🙂

  4. Ooops…sorry for being rude..u do have daughter right?? again..i get carried away. (all my friends took their daughter).

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