Malaysia Young Designers Award 2007

I was invited as one of the judges for the 2007 Malaysia Young Designers Award earlier this week and I must admit it was an offer I could not refuse. Besides being able to contribute to the betterment of Malaysian industrial design (so I hope) I’ll also be able to see what new inventions/ideas have been concocted by our budding designers.

The competition is an annual event organised by the Malaysian Design Council and it is divided into 3 categories; Students, Senior Students and Professionals.

I have to say, based on what I saw on Tuesday, the juniors are indeed the most creative lot! Imagine, at age 10, being able to design a semi-automatic clothes folding contraption that costs no more that RM5… that’s one thing millions of housewives and laundry centres will be yearning to own. And it’s not even patented yet *wink2*.

That said I personally feel Malaysian designers need to up the ante to move our design fraternity up another notch. Participation from industries relevant to this profession also need to be accellerated. It’s all about realizing the big picture really… once DESIGN and ART is appreciated then our community will become more CULTURED. That’s the very foundation of being a developed nation. It’s not only about being industrialised and savvy in politics and business. It’s about appreciating the intrinsics of life, that there is more to it than money and material things.

That was me being passionate about my life. Yes, design is my life. And I’m damn proud of it.

Are YOU proud of what YOU do?


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