Leaving Japan

Roponggi street furniture

I’m 6 hours from departure and rather sad this trip will end. It’s been a wonderful experience (as with all my trips here) and the memories will only fuel my interest to return. The next Tokyo Motor Show is in 2 years so perhaps I’ll need to orchestrate a meeting or something to get myself here sooner! Hehe…

What is it that attracts me so to this place, you may ask? Gadgets aside, it’s really the culture which captivates me. The people, the food, the language. It has an idiosyncracy that I can really relate to, and that makes me comfortable with everything here. The quirkiness just adds to the mystic that is Japan.

Have you watched the movie ‘Lost in Translation’? It stars the incomparable Bill Murray and the voluptious Scarlet Johannsen. Set in Japan, it tells a story of friendship and cultural differences between Asia and the West. Quite the same as to how I feel here.

But that said I probably won’t want to work here. Frankly, the work culture is just over the top and I don’t want to live a life which is spent mostly at the office. Can you imagine working 14 hour work days? Not me. Unless they pay me many times over what I’m getting now… anyone?!

Gotto get ready to check out … *yawn* … Will sleep in the bus on the way to Narita. Malaysia here I come!


2 thoughts on “Leaving Japan

  1. what are you actually doing there?Japan…wow!! nice place to be for crazy fashion and etc. would love to go there when i have a chance..still hoping for the moment to roll down on my knees.

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