Tokyo Drifts

Ohayo gozaimsu! 

Darn! I was misinformed that my hotel room didn’t have internet access and missed out updating this blog. Finally got it working today and voila! we’re back in business!

It’s been touch and go since my arrival on Monday morning. Come to think of it, even if I knew I had internet access I probably won’t have time to write. It’s been a flurry of visits to the Tokyo Motor Show, meetings and short sprees around town. Hectic but exciting at the same time.

The Show was great with quite a few showcar premiers as well as innovative concepts on display. I especially like the way the likes of Suzuki and Mazda have, in my opinion, overshadowed the Big Three. Somehow those two manufacturers hve put forth really cool products which are not only innovative but also provocative. Compared to Mercedes, Audi, Porsche and even GM, they really went to town to impress the world. With SUBSTANCE! More on the Show when I’m done with my executive summary.

At the Tokyo Motor Show!

Here are a few quick points I can think of to share for now:-

  1. Tokyo is truly metropolitan and eclectic. I love this city and all it has to offer. I feel safe here, unlike New York, London or Paris.
  2. Visiting Akihabara still drives me nuts. All the gadgets and electronics there is just amazing.
  3. The iPod Touch is awesome. I’m so getting one!
  4. Riding the Shinkansen at 270 km/h isn’t all it’s worked up to be. Aside from the occasional ear pops there isn’t anything that distinctive to differentiate it from the Limited Express trains.
  5. Shinjuku is a haven for camera enthusiats.
  6. Hirajuku is a way wiered place. Not my cup of tea.
  7. Having great friends to paint the town red is important. I’m lucky to have them join me for the fun!
  8. Mos Burger is still the best burger joint to patronise, EVER.
  9. ‘Japanese English’ is a joy to mimic… Cracks me up everytime!
  10. The weather this time of the year is simply bliss. Cool, bright and crisp.

That’s it for now. More later coz I need to rest; it’s 3am local time and I still have a full day tomorrow at the Show, plus any last minute recon 😉



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