Al Gore’s Glorified Slide Show

That title is only to get your attention. Work didn’t it? *wink2*

I watched this movie during the long Hari Raya holidays and it has been something I’ve been looking forward to for a while. I’ve heard a lot about it, from how it is labelled as a  glorified slide show (?!) to how it is changing the political and environmental landscape of America.

The storyline tends to be a bit technical but thank goodness Mr. Gore finds time to monologue every now and then. He speaks very eloquently about how his past has effected him into leading this cause. His presentation methods also help to illustrate the message very clearly. I’ve always been fascinated by how certain leaders present themselves or do a speech. Especially in front of a big audience. Steve Jobs is one of them with that ability and I like to watch him address the audience. Very clear, and with substance and passion. I personally feel that’s what is important when you stand on centre stage.

The power of this movie doesn’t only come from the fact it was banking on the ex-Vice President as the leading act but more on the exhaustive data from all over the world. Universities, NGO’s, scientific personalities and celebrities all pitch in to provide an ever so convincing show about how global warming is killing mother earth. It’s so convincing it’ll probably scare the bejesus out of you. Gets you asking questions like “Am I doing enough for this Earth for our children?” and “Do we have the political will?”. And the gigantic rear projection screen does help too… even if it doesn’t cover all the data (his data literally ‘jumps’ off the charts..).

The best bit is probably towards the end where Mr. Gore ups the ante and delivers some punchy lines which questions our individual efforts. Dale Carnegie would be proud (I should know because I took one of their courses on High Impact Presentations and it’s no walk in the park!).

So there. If you are ever in need to refresh your interest in saving this planet or simply to watch a politician strut his stuff with candor then this is a movie to watch. I thought is was very revealing and thought provoking.

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An Inconvenient Truth screenshot


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