A Bit About What I Do At Work

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This article was published in the New Straits Times supplemental pullout ‘Style’ last Sunday and I was supposed to talk about Proton’s direction towards car design. Much was said but unfortunately (probably due to space constraints) a lot were also omitted. But I am thankful that most of the message I wanted to convey was left uneditted.

I would, however, like to add the following…

Proton Design is heading towards an exciting future. There’s an initiative to execute a vision and a new thinking to support the company achieve its goals. ‘New Styling’ has arrived and it is not just about the products we make but more importantly about the way our designers think and act. As we gradually move from merely bread & butter products to more exciting, passion driven designs, it is our human capital which will drive the success. We are, as I would accurately define it, DYNAMIC. Observe us as we continually strive to create good designs for Malaysia and the world.


2 thoughts on “A Bit About What I Do At Work

  1. Oi! Why blur out the Ssang Yong Actyon Sports ad lah? Scared it would outshine the Neo? He he he! 😛

    Wah you really look Cina AH Beng in that pic lah…Put you in Jinjang you’ll blend right in without problem…

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