Little Manhattan

I was lazing in front of the stupid box last night and some interesting movies came to view. Well actually one wasn’t that interesting.. In fact it was down right cheesy. ‘The Fog’ was the imaginative title, Star Movies was the Astro channel.

Sometimes I wonder what drives people to make such motion pictures. Ho hum.

Anyhoo, the one which really caught my attention was on HBO. Titled ‘Little Manhattan’, it was a coming of age movie dwelling on the age old conundrum of first loves, along the lines of ‘My Girl’ and ‘Bridge to Terabithia’. It was released in 2005 but strangely enouggh I only found out about it last night!

It’s about Gabe’s summer holiday encounter with Rosemary in New York City (notice how almost all movies in this genre happen during summer holidays?.. for obvious reasons!). He’s 10 and she’s 11. The story line centres around his obsession and ensuing confusion towards her; mixed feelings caused by his raging hormones! And while all that is happening, the best parts of the movie is shown.

Strolls along the paved walkways around the Village, Upper West Side, Central Park and West 72nd are all cinematicly captured in the summer ambience. The expressive monologues by Gabe kept me interested and intrigued, wanting to know if he will ever tell her how he feels. Some parts are also comical as I related them back to how I was with my first love… ;p

The score in the film is also typical NYC; mostly jazz, featuring greats like Aretha Franklin. Really nice so I’m gonna look for the soundtrack album soon! I must admit I’m a sucker for this genre. Soothing and melodic.

If you want a New York love story through the eyes of a 10 year old then this is one to watch. It’s also worth to note the other parallel story along side Gabe’s, which revolves around his parents. Having left so many things unsaid over the years, they have started to grow apart and are considering the worst. Can Gabe’s adventures inavertedly help them reignite the old flames? I’ll leave that for you to find out..

Little Manhattan


One thought on “Little Manhattan

  1. This is your sweetest posting to date!

    ‘First love’ story narration from a 10-year old? Awww….. when are you going to spill to us YOUR story Azlan….? heheh.

    I’m a sucker for jazz too, would highly reccommend Diana Krall (“The Look of Love”). All you need is a comfy dark leather sofa on a rainy Friday nite, dimmed yellow lights and jazz to be playing on the Bose SoundDock… simple bliss!

    NYC is a romantic background for love stories isnt it…. the first time i saw my boyfriend cry was at the city itself… as i waved him goodbye and got on the plane from JFK….. okay, Little Manhattan is a muct watch!!

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