A Sarawakian Delicacy

Ikan terubok masin shopping in Kuching, Sarawak! 

‘Ikan terubok masin’ being sold by the bucket loads at the Satok market in Kuching.

Don’t ask me what’s the translation as I really don’t know. Something,something.. salted fish. This local fish is so popular it has become a must have export for anyone going back to the Peninsular. Or anywhere still legal to export.

I think the popularity of this fish is due to the full tasting meat, light but fluffy and tasty. In spite of the ‘millions’ of bones entwined in there, one still is motivated to scrawl it in order to taste the salty white meat. Best fried until the skin is golden brown and eaten with rice.

The fishes are packed neatly in little boxes and wrapped in newspaper to avoid fowl smells and dampness. They’ll even tie a little handle for you to carry with ease. Plus it also keeps the fishes cool for the trip home. If you watch the video I took below you’ll see how expertly the workers wrap the boxes. Quick and neat! Care to have some?!


One thought on “A Sarawakian Delicacy

  1. Terubok is the name of the species of fish. Its a kind of as Herring, and its scientific name is ‘Hilsa ilisha’. The Sarawak variety has smaller scales that the Thai variety.

    It is best grilled, but unfortunately most people pan fried, or deep fried it, which results in excess oil in the meat, thus diminishing the enjoyment of this tasty, and fragrant treat.

    Since its an extremely bony fish, the trick is to find the biggest fish available, as the bones are larger and easier to dispose.

    Did you get any Terubok egg? They’re the caviar of the east, and can cost up to RM200/kg.

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