Of Greeting Cards and Festive SMS’

Do you remember the days when we used to receive greeting cards during the festive seasons? I remember in my younger days when my dad used to get tons of greeting cards from friends, family and acqaintances for Hari Raya. We would go through each one and later on position them as creatively as we could all around the house! Needless to say only the best made the cut… 🙂

It was a fun time which is permanently etched in my memory. Today, such moments are neigh-on-impossible to experience. Why? I feel the advent of SMS changed all that. This festive season alone I received no less than 50 well wishing SMS’ in 48hrs. No doubt I feel grateful to receive them but it made me think about how they lack that personal touch. No personal handwriting, no unique signature, no message from the heart. Ever noticed how SMS greetings tend to be so very generalised? Me thinks it’s because the sender wishes to concoct a message which can transcend across friends from all backgrounds! Hence the rather dry wordings..

That said, I’m happy to get those virtual greetings and I thank all those who took the time to remember me. This year too I made a promise to myself that I will respond to every single Hari Raya SMS greeting I received. And I did. I doubt if I could have done that with conventional cards…


4 thoughts on “Of Greeting Cards and Festive SMS’

  1. Go green, save the trees, reduce usage of paper products.

    I seriously can’t remember when was the last time I received a card, or send out a card…

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