Good To Be Back

Yes, it is good to be back at my hometown. It’s always nice to be in touch with where you came from; your school mates, your childhood haunts and most of all with the presence of family. I look forward to this every once or twice a year. Not as often as I like but better some than nothing at all.

Eid Mubaraq is just round the corner and the festivities is felt everywhere you go. Kuching is no exception. All sorts of decorations have sprowted in and around the city but the most obvious thing that strikes you is the masses of people who flood the city to do their Hari Raya shopping. The likes of Satok, Central Padang, and Wisma Saberkas get very congested with people from all walks of life. But then again, what would this festive season be without such organised chaos?!

One other thing… my MAS flight was delayed twice last night. ETD was supposed to be 10:15 but got delayed to 11:00 due to a technical fault on the aircraft. We had to change to another plane only to informed that landing right were not approved to Kuching so the new ETD is 3:20am. That’s right, 3:20AM. It was freaking horrid of MAS, and some of the passengers even demanded their MD Idris Jala to come over and get his a** kicked. IMHO I really pitied the little children on board more than him 🙂

Ah yes, the joy of living ‘overseas’!


2 thoughts on “Good To Be Back

  1. You won’t feel bad if all the place in Malaysia you call HOME. As for me whether Subang or Labuan, still ok , better still if u have xtra wives everywhere. haha just joking laa

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