Shook! @ Starhill Gallery

A fusion of cuisines to tantalize your tastebuds and a visual treat to excite your senses!

I count myself lucky to be able to have dinner here yesterday. Being a Saturday night, the tables were mostly full. For the uninitiated, Shook! is one of the 8 trendy restaurants located within the Feast level of Starhill Gallery (YTL Corp owns the entire establishment including Lot 10 and the Kuala Lumpur JW Marriot). Helmed by the enigmatic Tan Sri Francis Yeoh (who was also present), the area is known for it’s impeccable selection of world cuisines. All the restaurants in the Feast level is in fact fashioned upon his love for good food and fine dining.

Shook! menu

Selecting from the menu is daunting. Why? Simply because it’s about 30 pages thick! One really needs to know what one wants first from the 4 available categories (Japanese, Italian, Chinese or Western) before refining your selection. I picked food from the Grill as it had a fine selection of master & premium grade beef I was craving for!

Here’s a selection of the appetizers…



The gnocchi was heavenly; light and fluffy but extremely rich. And the cheese toppings were just the right blend to bring out all the flavours. And the scallops? As succulent as you can imagine, and not as strong as the gnocchi but with enough taste & texture to build you appetite! I also tried the seafood bisque soup but that one didn’t strike a chord with me so it is not on my recommendation list.

Then there’s the light course meals, in this case it’s the Ceasar salad and Shook! Pizza. The salad was great especially when topped up with chicken, but the pizza was mediocre to say the least. Somehow it lacked the ingredients to match classics from smaller (but more focused) establishments like Pizza Uno.

Pizza & salad

The creme-de-la-creme of the night must have been the fabulicious premium grade tenderloin. There’s also sirloin and ribeye if you so desire. For me, the well-done tenderloin is truly a melt-in-your-mouth experience. Each slice is extremely soft and succulent. But it seems like a small portion? Just right, if I may say so myself.


For dessert, may I recommend the creme brule. A masterpiece by being not too sweet and yet smooth and mildly rich. Or for the traditionalist, you can’t go wrong with the ice cream (in this case it’s the banana split).

Creme brule

Banana split

So, are you hungry yet?! I won’t be surprised. It was a great evening, one I would highly recommend. Oh, you might have noticed I didn’t write anything about their drinks. That’s because none of the ones I had were up to mark. Most had little taste in them (vanilla, fruit juices) and even the cafe latte didn’t have the rousing flavours compared to the likes of Illy or Lavazza.

Not only was the dining impeccable, the entire ambiance with mood lighting, live jazz music and excellent service made the experience a memorable one. A definite 5 star in my books!

Live band

Chefs at work

More chefs!


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