Nikon D40x DSLR camera

D40x and me

 A real gem for the budding cameraman (or ‘photographer’ if you’re into specifics of the arts).

I’ve always been keen into photography. Even when I was in uni I always brought with me a small compact to capture moments. I had a SLR camera once before, an Olympus. But that was years ago. It gives me great satisfaction to be able to capture a moment in time and share it with friends & family. Of late, I’ve been using primarily compact camera’s to do my photography but recently I’ve managed to get my mangy mits on one of the new Digital Single Lens Reflex camera’s (DSLR for short). Don’t get me wrong, one can still take amazing shots with compact camera’s but with DSLR’s there’s that little bit more flexibility for creativity.

Out came the D40x. A predecessor from the D40, it is essentially a one up in the resolution category i.e. from 6mpx to 10mpx. It also has a lower base sensitivity of ISO 100 and faster continuous shooting (now up to 3 fps). I find this camera a joy to hold and manage i.e it’s ergonomically sound. It’s not as light as its main competitor, the Canon 400D but personally I feel it shouldn’t be in the first place. Being light isn’t always good as it induces camera shake.

The interface on the large LCD screen is also very intuitive and natural. It won’t take you long to master it and understand it’s functions. It may not be a LiveView screen but then that’s the characteristic of DSLR’s; you frame shots in the viewfinder! There are the usual mix of shooting Digi Vari-Program modes for every single situation you can think of but I feel this is mainly for beginners. I personally like the Aperture & Shutter Priority modes as they give greater flexibility to create dramatic mood shots. But if you’re lazy to fiddle, just turn the large knob to AUTO and you’re good to go!

The quality of the pictures is impressive. Colour repro is very accurate to the natural surroundings. Plus if you use maximum quality at maximum resolution then you can actually do large format prints up to poster size. I have no need for such large prints (yet) so I set mine to medium JPEG quality at 6mpx. On a 2GB SD card that amounts to roughly 500-odd pictures; not bad really.

One of the major advantages to the average layman when using a DSLR compared to a compact is that you can capture moments without the built-in flash almost every time. It is a good flash but it tends to overexpose the scene a little and you’ll lose background detail. It all comes down to how you control the aperture & shutter speed, therefore the pictures will come out more natural.

Here are some shots I took recently, mostly to experiment with the kit. All of them were taken without flash nor tripod. Hope you find them interesting. =_=



Curve neons

Lemon lime juice

Rose syrup



4 thoughts on “Nikon D40x DSLR camera

  1. Neither a semi pro, nor do I have lots of dough.

    But I AM single, have my own business, do not drink, smoke, gamble or womanize, or do anything to my car, so the money has to go SOMWEHERE…he he he 😛

    Well ok, I’ve just bought a house so maybe I should save money for the reno…

  2. being able to capture moments beautifully is a skill to be mastered and i think you are one of them..go on with your dreams and someday it’ll surely come true..

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