Are You in Facebook?

A friend I haven’t met in about 15 years called me up yesterday. Someone from secondary school! Chance you say? Far from it… all thanks to Facebook really.

Prior to Facebook I’ve never been impressed by this thing called ‘online social networking’. I’ve tried a few and safe to say they’ve all fallen short of my expectations…

  1. Yahoo360 -> A neither here nor there kinda site. It’s not really a good site for blogging nor is it a convenient networking site. You also get all kinds of wierd people on board.
  2. Friendster -> The grand old dame of social networking sites. Practically everyone I know is there somewhere! Good if you need maximum exposure but I feel it’s more centred towards youngsters than professionals (don’t you just hate those automated music coming on whenever you reach some sites?!).
  3. Linkedin -> The professional site to sign-up to, especially if you’re actively looking for a new position elsewhere. This is quite a serious site where professionals can refer friends to available vacancies or connect business opportunities. A little too serious for me. Probably since I’m not currently looking. Maybe later…
  4. MySpace -> Never tried this one before but I have a feeling it’s too youth-centred. And it’s by Microsoft…

Now Facebook is significantly different. Or at least it does things differently. One does not only decorate or fill-in information but we all participate in all sorts of ‘activities’. This keeps things interesting. Plus, almost every facet of your profile page is customizable. Uploading data & photos is easy and fast. And there are lots of games & activities you can interact with between friends.

Thus far I’m hooked. I suggest you check it out, if not to sign up then simply just to check out if what I say holds water or otherwise!


6 thoughts on “Are You in Facebook?

  1. Just registered out of curiosity. But I’m not sure how most of the things work. Tried out a few thongs and screwed up a friend’s wall, so now I’m afraid to try anything.

    It works in a rather different way from what I’m used to, so its a bit frustrating. I feel like its Mac based and I’m trying to enter Windows command code…

  2. I’m there too, but I’m one of those that refuses to use my real name. People find me anyway by my nickname.

    It’s a little difficult for social networking. I agree, it does work differently than what we’re used to. I can’t figure out how to find others unless I spot them on another friend’s list of friends.

  3. Nex -> Yes, it does take a little used to! But it’s fun once you get the hang of it! 😉

    Beth -> Thanks for dropping by! You can always be young-at-heart and join the bandwagon.. Friendship knows no boundaries!

    blulady -> Thanks for your comment! Couldn’t find you in Facebook… your technique to find friends is same as mine and i’ve no problems with it. So far i’ve located sooo many lost friends and i’m happy as anything! 🙂

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