Thoughts On Car Maintenance

I love my ride. I do. I love it for the convenience it brings to me and I love it for the way it looks & performs. I don’t care what you have to say, I.LOVE.IT”

That’s supposed to sound like how Dorothy Boyd expressed her feelings to her sister about Jerry Maguire in.. Jerry Maguire!

Okay, that didn’t sound right. Nevermind…

What I’m getting at is -> do we realize how passionate we are about the cars we drive? I know this doesn’t apply to everyone but to the majority I think what we are is personified in the car we buy. The car we buy with our own earnings is an extension and projection of who we are. And what we want people to perceive of us. So, it is natural for us to wanna splurge on it ever so often.

I spent over RM1k on my ride over the last two weeks. And that’s on maintenance alone. Probably not a lot to some but to me it is fair bit. Especially with Hari Raya just round the corner! But hey, you have to do what you have to do. But I’m not regretting nor complaining about it. It’s a necessity and now my ride feels great and I too have more confidence driving it. Frankly speaking, I still not done modding it! But that’s another story…

Now I have to retire to avoid ‘panda eyes’ later this morning (it’s almost half past 2 AM). *yawn*


2 thoughts on “Thoughts On Car Maintenance

  1. I am in lurve with my hot sexy Gen2 too 🙂 Yes, that car REPRESENTS me, with its super-loud color, sporty outlook (i hope i’m sporrrty to… or, tries to be hehe) and sometimes, underpower issues (represents my failure to sustain hehehe).

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