Proton Documentary In RTM1

The production crew from Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM), our national TV peeps, came by my studio yesterday morning.

Actually the crew was there to film a 30 minute programme dubbed ‘docunews’ focussing on Proton. Apparently it will touch on how Proton has evolved over the past 20 years or so and how it has contributed to the nations progress towards industrialization. My studio was a perfect backdrop for the interview with our MD as it had the right blend of technology, equipment and ambience to illustrate that message.

Funny thing these production people. They almost always seem so different from what you see on the dumb box. In reality, they are just human with quirky habits just like you and I. I had the chance to chat with the interviewer and I can tell you she is one wierd character. I’d rather not go into details but safe to say the encounter was very ‘revealing’ to say the least!

The show will air on RTM1 on 10th October 2007 at 8:30pm i.e. right after the 8 o’clock news. Tune in and you’ll be able to see bits and pieces of my work area either as montages or backgrounds as the interview progresses. I have to say that’s a real treat because most of the time these areas are off limits due to confidentiality.

So what are you waiting for? Mark your calender folks!


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