Proton Persona ‘Meet the Parents’ Video

This 3 minute plus video was aired to commemorate the official launch of the new Proton Persona last month. Basically it was done as a show of appreciation to the men and women who worked so hard to get this vehicle out. It was also to show the world that Proton, as a company, is very much alive and kicking with local human capital who can deliver what the market wanted.

I’m in there somewhere.. 🙂 As are some members of my staff. (I’m sure you guys & gals enjoyed your 10 seconds of fame! Figuratively speaking of course..) I can also safely say it is not easy to be in front of the camera, be it for print or video. Those few seconds which you see actually took a lot longer than that to capture. Not to mention the countless takes! Anyways, this is a shortened version. I’ll see if I can get the other longer version to share with you. No promises though!

Enough storytelling! Here’s the video I uploaded into YouTube…


4 thoughts on “Proton Persona ‘Meet the Parents’ Video

  1. Paul -> sorry for the late reply. i don’t recommended to do that yet as i don’t want to implicate anyone should ‘issues’ arise! but you can link this thread if you wish. cheers.

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