Clarity of Thought

A strange rattling sound has been coming out of the interior of my car and it’s been driving me nuts…

It comes from the left hand side of the dashboard. When it first started I though something had dropped into the airconditioning outlet. I was also reminded on the time when I first got the car and the silly salesman dropped a piece of plastic into the top aircond outlet. But if so, why hadn’t it occured earlier? The rattling I mean.

Weeks passed and it seemed to be getting louder. But try as I may, I just couldn’t locate. much less negate, the sound from making it’s annoying appearance whenever I go over the slightest bump. “It must be that piece of plastic,” I kept thinking. It bothered me so much I contemplated asking my service centre to open up the dashboard and pick that annoying piece of sound inducing #!*?%! out of there.

This afternoon something amazing happened. As I got into the car to go to the nearby Bazaar Ramadhan with my daughter, I asked her if she could locate the source of that sound. I asked purely to have it as a conversational subject while I drove.

Without even looking at me and without the slightest of hesitation she pointed to a half empty mineral water bottle located in the door pocket and said “That’s IT“. She promptly lifted the bottle and low & behold, the sound stopped.…

I guess this clearly shows how kids are bestowed by the greatest gift we can get at that age; clarity of thought. Kids have a way of seeing beyond what adults see. They are not deterred by preconceived ideas as we adults have come to live with. Their thought process, as are their feelings, is so pure and honest. I for one was so transfixed by a past event that I couldn’t see any other solution. Kids aren’t burdened by such preconception. I was also reminded of the show Mondo Magic Singapore which aired over Astro a while back. In the last few minutes of the show, the two magicians tried to do their tricks to a couple of kids at the beach but somehow the tricks didn’t work because the kids could tell how they did it. AMAZING.

The saying goes ‘The future of our world lies in our children.’ Yup, that’s as true as it gets.


2 thoughts on “Clarity of Thought

  1. Had the same experience..but my case, its my brother who found the sound which came from a bunch of keys inside my armrest. But those kind of sounds do drive us nuts rite..

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