Apple did it again!

Cool products from a cool company.

New iPods

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2 days ago Apple released their latest range of iPods. This is to complement the recently announced new iMac all-in-one desktop computer and the not-so-new-but-still-irresistible iPhone. The new kits include the recoloured iPod shuffle, revamped iPod video nano, high capacity iPod classic, amazing iPod touch and the yet-to-arrive-in-Malaysia iPhone. Almost all in anodised aluminum and polished metal (iPhone features a glass face).

 These guys really know how to retain customers and get new ones. I mean, I already have 3 iPods at home and yet I still wouldn’t mind having the iPod touch. Me thinks that’s the power of good design (and marketing!). Or maybe it’s just me and my affinity for electronic gadgetry packaged in brilliant industrial design. Whatever the case may be, I always believe good design sells and, in our own personal way, make the life we live more of a joy to appreciate. Sounds deep but then appreciation of design really is an emotional thing.

Point your browser to for more information and get mesmerized by the Steve Jobs ‘Reality Distortion Field’.


4 thoughts on “Apple did it again!

  1. You’re a designer, so your ‘affinity for electronic gadgetry packaged in brilliant industrial design’ can be excused, or at least, rationalized.

    But I think most other people buy every version (or upgrade) of a gadget because they ‘have to have’, i.e., kiasu-ism 😛

    I’d love to get myself an iPodTouch, or iPhone, but I’m too logical for that…

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