Great Coffee

If ever there was, I would certainly recommend these two!

Illy and Starbucks

Illy was introduced to me when I was in Italy a little while back. My friend there said it was the best coffee in Italy. I’ve seen this brand before but was never really motivated to try it until he said so. I mean, these Europeans know their coffees okay. Everything seems to revolve around a good cuppa, be it for breakfast, lunch or a hearty dinner. Illy has a rather nice, strong taste (even decaf); very appealing. Available at all good grocery stores e.g. Village Grocer, Cold Storage or Isetan.

If you’re more into the general coffee taste (rather commercial) I suggest you try the Starbucks multi region blend. One taste will immediately remind you of the Starbucks signature taste. It’s labelled as BOLD but I don’t agree to that. It is rather mild, very smooth and silky. Keep the sugar/sweetener down to fully taste the flavour. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Great Coffee

  1. “Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death and as sweet as love.”
    Turkish proverb

    Yummy drooling here, mind u.. 🙂

  2. Send me your address and I’ll mail you some really good local coffee, free of charge. Our home brew won’t kalah to orang putih one I tell you.

    (You should have my email addy since I have to enter it to post this comment)

  3. Coffee addicts in da house ya all!!
    Wildcat -> i’ll treat you a cuppa soon! *wink*
    Parvin -> you treat me pulak! *wink-wink*
    Nex -> Thanks for the offer! Perhaps we can meet up sometime over this local brew of yours! That poor excuse of a man ****** can join as well.. hehehe.
    * edited at gun point 😉 muahahaha…

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