The Proton Satria Gemilang

This car was unveiled to the public on Merdeka eve but it didn’t get much press coverage. Rather unfortunate really. So here I am, giving you a personal account on the creation of this one-off vehicle.

Satria Gemilang

This project was a real whirlwind of a job made specificly for the Merdeka celebrations. From inception to finished product taking about 2 months in total. Mind you that includes an accellerated idea development process somewhere in between the ‘start-sketching-something’ to ‘start-prototyping-the-parts-now!’. Based on the Proton Satria Neo hot hatch, the idea was to showcase the unexpected and what better way than to stretch a 3 door to become a limo. In record time. AND have the Prime Minister ride on it.

One of the biggest challenge for this project was to make it driveable. But the skills of the Prototype boys really came in handy and they got the job done on time. The entire development was done on site in Proton with assistance from a local consultant for the interior. Commendable to say the least. With 31st August already past, expect the car to do some publicity rounds and maybe end up as a permanent display or something, unless somebody commissions it…

I’ve got to congratulate my designer Adiey for putting his heart & soul into this project and making it a reality. Good time management and presentation. Also it was a good thing you went to Seri Perdana; one for the album eh?! *wink*


32 thoughts on “The Proton Satria Gemilang

  1. Wow.. Cool. This car is good. But i just like the front and the back. its seems like import car. Nice. But i think they still have to change the middle part of the car. not nice for me.

  2. errkss -> kereta ni dibuat utk mempamerkan kemampuan Proton merekabentuk produk yang unik dan berteknologi tinggi. Ianya juga sebagai hadiah syarikat kepada negara dalam menyambut kemerdekaan ke 50. Ia bukannya tidak boleh dijual tetapi buat masa ini tiada individu atau syarikat yang betul2 berminat untuk membiayai kos pembuatannya yang tinggi.

  3. Paul -> hey there, thanks for dropping by. this car is by definition a ‘stretched Neo’ by virtue of how it looks i.e that’s the perception most peeps will have upon seeing it. if you wanna get into details then yes, its underpinnings are modified from the Chancellor to get the extra width across the track. such concepts are normal for one-off prototypes, don’t you think?

  4. azlano—>sedeynyer…:(..proton ramai engineer yg berkebolehan tapi kebolehan mereka jadi limited disebabkan bende ni…walau apepun..syabas kat proton dan teruskan usaha anda utk menjadi lebih baik pd masa akan datang.

  5. Design Ok, tapi adalah lebih baik design & produce NEO SEDAN .Proton sepatutnya peka dengan cita rasa pengguna. Jgn design ikut suka je. Konsep yg paling mudah adalah, Proton kaji balik model2 kereta sebelum ini yg paling popular atau disukai pengguna/pembeli. Buat replacement model terhadap model kereta tersebut. dan paling penting kekalkan nama model kereta tersebut supaya nampak warisan kereta tersebut. Senang cerita, tgk honda & mitsubishi… berapa banyak model CIVIC & LANCER?? Nama tetap sama, hanya DESIGN YG DIUTAMAKAN sebab mereka tahu model tersebut popular…

  6. Hafiz Knoxx -> semua keputusan dalam merekabentuk ada sebabnya. lihatlah kejayaan Persona; inilah kerana Proton sentiasa mendengar dan menilai yang terbaik.

  7. Very well put for a 2month job. I would really like to see a Waja like replacement using this design concept, i hope its not just locked and kept in the closet. You guys did the same thing with the old Satria Neo.

    I think the Waja design is a little dated, and will go really another couple of years if it had something of a NEO on it. What more put a 2L engine and you have an interim perdana replacement.

    Kudos to your team.

  8. Ini just pendapat aku je lah.. aku rasa majoriti malaysian akan tgk design keta dulu sebelum beli.. after that baru tgk performance & harga.. yelah.. lepas neo, gen2 & gen2 Sedan dikeluarkan, proton mula dapat sambutan.. Pendapat aku 3 model itu je memang menarik design (bab2 engine atau performance aku tak tahu nak comment).. walau camanapun harap-harap Neo sedan dikeluarkan.. WAHAI PROTON HOPEFULLY YOU ALL PRODUCE LAH NEO SEDAN… !!!!! I be the first customer to buy.. 🙂

  9. 1st, i like to congrs the team to make it happened, its really showed that “Malaysia Boleh!”. Its such a nice car, chicky colour, good design ….. and almost prefect in the eyes of woman like me …. really wants this car badly but its not available…. what a waste??? it just a prototype ….. never the last, the hope is always there …. and my hope is this car will be produce and i will be the one of the proud user to have it and own it (at affordable price)…so proton team make it happen ….pls ^_^

  10. Hafiz Knoxx -> Neo sedan? Hmm… probably not economically viable to build at this point in time.

    Mira -> Thanks for reading! We need more females to comment on our cars to understand more of their needs. We’re always listening! 😉

  11. idea pengeluaran satria neo sedan saya lihat agak baik.dan lebih baik lagi jika ia diperkenalkan dengan identiti putra yang mana menjadi kereta keluaran proton dalam kategori coupe..jika ia berjaya dirialisasikan, saya agak yakin bahawa ia akan menjadi satu kegilaan dalam kalangan remaja negara ini.

  12. i’ve been supporting satria GTI and now since they released satria neo.i own a cps.n not to totaly impressed with the car.what i meant here for a national car with a price less than is awesome.i’ve tailed merz benz with 180km/hr n i believe i was rigid on that time.that was my 1st time.and after that i kept doing that.thanks to my beloved blacky cps!

  13. okeh since that am a woman too hehe.. so i would like to leave some comment here..
    seriously ! this car really cope my heart and so onn…
    so thats mean ..this satria gemilang really suitable for women =)
    the problem is…. why must have bar at the bhind of the driver seat???doesnt it look like ermm …. mencomotkan.. =( btw, please release it as soon as possiblleee !

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