A 15 Year Wait

That’s how long some of us haven’t seen each other!

It was a small reunion of high school friends. Not even a reunion me thinks, more like a personal get together. Nice. Let this be the first and aprecursor to many more to come.

It’s interesting to see how the people you know change over time. Physical changes aside (?!), the way our lifestyle has evolved is even more dramatic. During dinner we talked about school experiences; how we were involved in the school magazine, how we would go out to the local diner to chill, how annoying the Physics teacher was, and how we wished we knew then what we know now. Ah, hindsight is such a wonderful thing (NOT).

But nothing could compare to how our friendship has lasted throughout the years. Sitting there, I felt like the 15 years that went past never did. The memories of yesterday, fun or otherwise, was as clear as daylight and it was high school all over again. The matter of fact is that the 15 years did go by and we’ve all grown up to lead separate lives. All for the better if I might add.

We’ve made a pact to not wait another 15 years to see each other again. Hope the next meet up will be sooner than later!

15 years on

In case you’re wondering, that’s a Korean buffet we’re having.

2 thoughts on “A 15 Year Wait

  1. wow..u guys had a korean buffet. i always enjoyed korean food as my work also requires me to go to korea every now and then. did u guys had the grilled beef? my favourite!!

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