Waxing Lyrical About Retail Therapy

Almost everybody does it. But not everyone excels at it.

I always wondered what women mean by saying ‘I need some retail therapy’. To a majority of men I know that only means spend, spend, spend. On clothes, shoes and beauty accessories. To the women, that means a cheque to splurge on something she likes without having a guilt trip later. It’s not a blank cheque but still a cheque nevertheless. Or these days it can also be plastic. Of the credit kind. Worst still if it’s the supplementary credit kind…

Wikipedia states that retail therapy is “shopping with the primary purpose of improving the buyer’s mood or disposition”. How right it is! But as I said earlier, almost everybody does it. Even men. Only our interests are different and the method is less straineous.

Women tend to look for clothes, shoes and accessories while men tend to look for electronic gadgets, home improvement equipment and the occasional new shirt or pants. The metrosexual kind will go for skincare and personal grooming stuff.

What differentiates between the them is the speed at which the retail therapy is applied. Impulse buys are the norm with the ladies while men take ages to really decide on what they really want. Women buys in bulk during sprees (not counting those special times when Prada’s, Manolo’s and LV’s are required) while men tend to buy only specific items after long thoughts and research (there are exceptions of course). And they tend to cost a bomb. Like the E90. Or the new Armani glasses. Also not forgetting the long delayed Santa Cruz mountain bike (what?!).

So, in summary, we are all guilty of this act at some point of our waking lives. It’s just the HOW which differentiates us. As with most things, there are exceptions. But in general I feel the above holds true most of the time. Correcto?

*azlano via Fujitsu T4020*


6 thoughts on “Waxing Lyrical About Retail Therapy

  1. I’m a guy and I treat myself to retail therapy all the time. Usually once a month; sometimes more…

    Good thing is that the stuff I buy, although damn expensive (sometimes more then an LV bag, or several LV bags), usually appreciate in price, and can be sold later for a nice little profit.

    But I’m a pack rat and don’t normally sell anything I buy, unless I get an offer I can’t resist. And it can get preeeeeety strenuous for me, as what I buy may take anything from a few days to a few weeks to negotiate, or bid for.

    And no guilt trip for me because I don’t have any other vise(don’t drink, don’t smoke don’t gamble; not even 4D, don’t womanize, don’t spend on accessorising my car, don’t even go out for meals unless there’s a special occasion) , so this is the only money I spend on myself.

  2. Azlan, I should hook up with Nex!
    Interesting character. I’ve met closet gays before but never a male LV fanatic! :p

  3. Hehehehehe… I don’t think Nex is an LV fanatic! He’s just using the prices of LV bags as a yardstick to measure the value of the collectibles he’s purchased, right, dude? But then again… Nex, how do you know how much the LV bags cost?? Dude??

  4. Eeer…I don’t see where I said I’m an ‘LV fanatic’, and just because I know the price of LV bags don’t imply I’m anything other then an informed human being.

    I used LV as a reference point because it was in the original post, and how hard is it to google ‘LV’ and find out the prices?

    Settle down guys (and gays)…

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