The All New Proton Persona

About 2 years ago work on this car started in earnest and trepidation.

Today, it is unveiled by the King and the world can finally see the fruits of our labour. It has been surreal.. so much effort from so many people for such a long time. All the ups and downs, frustrations, expectations and happiness came down to this one day. Come to think about it 2 years isn’t that long a time when it comes to vehicle development. The Proton Satria Neo, for example, took me 4 long years to control and style to what it is today.

The King has made his appearance, the product has just launch and the public will get to feel the car by this afternoon. By tomorrow, the reviews would have come out and we will know if the Persona meets customers expectations.

I believe the car will be well accepted. It looks proportionately balanced. The overall exterior appearance is one of elegance with a hint of sportiness and the interior has been designed to be more usable, practical and spacious. The OTR price also makes it a very tangible proposition, something which will appeal to a lot more people from all levels of society.

To my design team I say “THANK YOU”, you have all done a great job. To our supporters I say “THANK YOU” too for being patient during our times of trouble. And to our detractors I say WE’RE BACK… get used to it.

 *azlano via Fujitsu T4020*


5 thoughts on “The All New Proton Persona

  1. Apparenty you work in Proton. It really looks good to me. However, great designs means nothing compared to bad quality control.

  2. fatty -> Couldn’t agree with you more! In an organization such as this it is critical for all the gears and cogs to work in unison or else all will come to nothing.

  3. wow..u really work at proton?…i booked a persona and currently waiting for the car..cant wait to drive it but the dealer sucks..when they want to sell, rainbow comes out their mouth but after got my booking, not even a call answered…btw…is persona comfortable enough compared to waja?

  4. my persona already..but its aircond compressor got some vibration/rattling sound going into passenger’s compartment..and when the compressors start, the car power was lowered and some jerking experienced..went to EON service centre and they give me motherhood story, its normal compressor sound and I doubt that…

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