Interesting Reading

I was at MPH this evening and couldn’t resist getting myself another book.

Needless to say I do buy a lot of books and periodicals. Reading is food for the mind so I try to consume as much as I can whenever time permits.

There are three books on my bedside table.

Winning by Jack Welch with Suzy Welch
Digital Domain – The Leading Edge of Visual Effects by Piers Bizony
Blogging for Dummies by Brad Hill

My reading

Winning is essential reading for anyone who wants to move up in an organization, learn about corporate maneuvering and most importantly, leadership. I strongly recommend this book not just for upper management but also for everyone from middle management to the shop floor. It is very insightful and written in simple, easy to understand English.

Digital Domain is purely for movie buffs like me! Especially if you’re into sci-fi. It explains techniques and concepts behind the creative impulses which bring so much imagination to the silver screen. Being a designer I feel it is important to understand what drives the creative minds which work on masterpieces like Titanic, Apollo 13 and T2.

Blogging for Dummies is… well, it’s what the title implies. Okay, I needed to know what blogging culture was and after some research this book had the most comprehensive information. Not actually easy reading but comprehensive. If you’re into blogging, may I suggest you do a bit of reading to understand how this thing works. It’s so much more than just writing about your life experiences. Done properly, it can be a valuable resource which can even generate income!

Interesting reading indeed!

*azlano via Fujitsu T4020*


2 thoughts on “Interesting Reading

  1. Azlan, what a coincidence! I am currently reading Winning and I’m way inspired to just make the next best move in terms of my career and I think in my head it’s all go!go!go!. Wish me luck!

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