Band Of Brothers

Ever wondered why people join car clubs?

The misconception is that they are out to ‘out-do’ each other by modding their rides and driving like they own the roads they drive on. Or maybe because they’ve got nothing better to do on Friday evenings.

I’ve never been interested in car clubs before because I’ve never really had burning questions to ask about my car. Also, since I work in Malaysia’s first National Car company I usually only need to ask my work friends whenever I need advice or tips to manage my ride.

My recent acquisition in the form of a Toyota Wish made me think differently about car clubs. I joined Wish Club Malaysia (WCM) initially to find information. Nothing more, nothing less. But what I found was so much more.

WCM pictures

Merdeka Sunday Drive to Muar (top), Damai Laut 2007 Family Day (bottom)

 This car club really rocks. The are made out of people from all walks of life, all the way from up North to Singapore, Eastern, Central regions and even Sabah & Sarawak. There are even members from Finland (or was it Norway?) and Jamaica.

It’s incredible for a non-profit, voluntary organization like this to be so successful in promoting camaderie and friendship. I have found many, many friends since I joined. And we have helped each other regularly during times of difficulty. We meet almost every other week for drinks (TT or teh tarik sessions) and the occasional sports games like futsal, bowling and paintball (I love paintball!). The best part is when there are group events like Sunday Drives and Family Days.

I feel it’s just great to be part of something else besides your regular routine. It’s also great to have other friends besides your regular office co-workers and ex-school/college mates. Me thinks enhancing our social networking is imperative in order to live a meaningful life.

*azlano via Fujitsu T4020*


One thought on “Band Of Brothers

  1. Good on you for discovering a real community that really helps each other.

    I joined an online Nissan forum to get information on doing up my car and all I got was Mat Wokshop who can only write in really bad BM, and all are linked to one scrapyard or another trying to push me their wares…

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